Lee Ufan Dialogue - in watercolours


Lee Ufan Solo Exhibition 'Lee Ufan'
2008/3/5 - 3/29

Lee Ufan Solo Exhibition 'Lee Ufan'

On the occasion of his solo exhibition, 'Lee Ufan', Tokyo Gallery + BTAP is proud to introduce seven new watercolour artworks by Lee Ufan.

In 1971 Lee Ufan published 'Search for Encounter'. Thinking back, the years either side of 1970 was a time when contemporary art and art criticism in Japan attained an extremely high quality. Around that time Lee Ufan met artists such as Ishiko Junzo, Takamatsu Shiro and Nakahara Yusuke, as well as Sekine Nobuo and some of his circle, who would later become known as 'mono-ha'. Certainly, these could be described as encounters, but it would not be an exaggeration to say that they influenced the conceptual form that Lee's artwork took. Shortly after, Lee met Takashi Yamamoto, the founders of Tokyo Gallery, which was the beginning of a long relationship.

Lee Ufan's oeuvre has had a significant influence in Korea; moreover, since shifting his base to Paris in the 1980s, Lee has been able to realize numerous exhibitions throughout Europe. This has been the result of Lee's 'encounter' with the world.

Lee Ufan has said, "Art's main role is not to remain in one place, but rather it should wander, so that its creation can be broadened by many, varied encounters". As such, Lee continues to encourage younger artists to be as active as possible overseas. Of course this is something which Lee can say, being an artist whose practice is defined along such lines.

Planned in 1999, the current exhibition presents eight fresh watercolour works; subtly executed, yet giving one the sense of a great spatial depth. It is our pleasure to invite you to Tokyo Gallery + BTAP for the exhibition 'Lee Ufan'