Hiroyuki Matsuura Super Acrylic Skin


Opening Party: 28/11/05 17:00 - 19:00

Matsuura's characters, wearing "Super Acrylic Skin"! Painted onto transparent plastic glass, they have acrylic skin, and they exist inside the monitor. They, who have been speaking to us since as far back as we can remember, tear down the defenses we have around our hearts in no time at all and turn into beings which can laugh, cry and get angry all at the same time. So as to get closer to them, if we bound over these wall-like monitors, which until now have been tearing us apart, then we will find life in their "Super Acrylic Skins".

Hiroyuki MATUURA's works consist mainly of acrylic on canvas, but this time we are presenting acrylic on transparent plastic glass and three-dimensional works as well. The high-grade technique and the fascination of the composition are, of course, the works' distinguishing characteristics.

Whilst working as a graphic designer for a company which produced goods related to anime characters, Hiroyuki MATSUURA came into contact with various different characters. For this reason he has a great deal of knowledge about these characters and has been able to produce original works that aren't copies of anyone else's style.

During this exhibition we are selling limited edition art goods such as T-shirts and postcards. Furthermore, an appearance from drag queens Arpina and Jasmine has been planned for the opening party. Please come and enjoy the event.

Hiroyuki Matsuura

Hiroyuki Matsuura was born in Tokyo in 1964. It was SUPER ACRYLIC SKIN, an exhibition of Matsuura’s works at Tokyo Gallery in 2005, that marked his transition from designer to artist. Matsuura has gone onto lead an active career both in Japan and overseas, and broadened his repertoire to include the media of painting, sculpture, and print. In 2017, Uki-uki (2012), a 4-metre high work by the artist, was exhibited at Cool Japan: World Fascination in Focus, an exhibition hosted by Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden and Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, and served as the main image used to advertise the exhibition. World Fascination in Focus subsequently travelled to Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp, where it was well received.

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