Jane Dixon  Regeneration


'Regeneration' Jane Dixon Solo Exhibition
2008/1/16 - 2/9

'Regeneration' Jane Dixon Solo Exhibition

Opening reception: 2008.1.16 (Wed) 18:00-20:00

Tokyo Gallery + BTAP is pleased to announce "Regeneration", a solo exhibition of Jane Dixon, featuring 20 of her new works on paper.

In September 2004, Jane Dixon held "Under False Colours" at Tokyo Gallery and Yokohama Portside Gallery, a two-space solo exhibition that integratrated two series of paintings - the 'Warplane Seriesf (2001-2003) and the 'Camouflage Seriesf (2003-2004) - both of which deal with dichotomies of protection and vulnerability.

Her newest body of work, the "Regeneration" project, explores the metaphor of the city as a body of damage and repair. The images are concerned with the disappearance and replacement of physical structures, the substitution of one thing with another in both our physical world and collective consciousness.

The 'Regenerationf project is large, ongoing and organic in structure - a reflection of its subject. Production was begun in 2006 following an Arts Council of England award and has resulted in numerous showings of individual works internationally and acquisition by the British Museum department of Prints and Drawings amongst others. Her work will be on display at the British museum from November 16, 2007 to March 9, 2008.

This exhibition at Tokyo Gallery is the first solo show to be composed of work from the "Regeneration" project. This exhibition also coincides as a fitting debut to UK-Japan 2008, a year-long program of exhibitions and events organized by the British Embassy and British Council in Japan that aims to promote creative exchange between the two countries. Tokyo Gallery + BTAP hopes that you will take this opportunity to see Jane Dixon's work.