Jun Azumatei, Man Furuya Memories of Light


Memories of Light Jun Azumatei & Man Furuya Joint Exhibition
2006/7/21(fri) - 8/26(sat)

Memories of Light Jun Azumatei & Man Furuya Joint Exhibition
Friday 21st July - Saturday 26th August

*Photos are available for all the works shown in this exhibition

Tokyo Gallery is pleased to announce that we will be holding an exhibition of work by Jun Azumatei and Man Furuya from Friday 21st July to Saturday 26th August.
Both artists use photographic techniques as a means of expression in their work.

Azumatei creates layers and layers of acrylic paint onto his photographs and polishes the final surface. While his photographs are faithfully and objectively reproduced images of the world, by painting over them, only the outlines are left so they resemble the subjective world that resides in the depth of light-filled memories. He depicts a world of landscapes untouched by man, scenes which do not exist but are somehow nostalgic.

Furuya's works are the documentations of light photographed only by the light of the moon; he photographs by moonlight using his unique technique with an 8 x 10 camera. With this he expresses the hum that fills the moonlight which continues to illuminate the earth regardless of how many years go by; it is an expression of a Japanese aesthetic which has been adored by Japanese people - the subject of art and poetry - since time immemorial. Furuya draws out that aesthetic and while at once reconstructing Ansel Adams' photographs of Yosemite National Park in America, he also arouses Japan's aesthetic consciousness in his work.

[ Jun Azumatei ]
1973 Born in Meguro ward, Tokyo
1999 Graduated from Design Department of Tama Art University
Presently lives in Oita ward, Tokyo.

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[ Man Furuya ]
1970 Born in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan
1993 BA in Mechanical Engineering, Tokai University, Japan
2001 BFA in Photography, Art Center College of Design (ACCD), U.S.A.

Solo Exhibition
2006. 8 "Edition" Fall/Winter Collection 2006-2007 "Edition Shops", Japan
Aug.10 - Sep.3 (Ikebukuro), Sep.6 - Sep.24 (Nagoya), Sep.27 - Oct.15 (Umeda),Oct.18 - Nov.5 (Kyoto), Nov.8- (Kobe)
2006. 7 "Memories of Light, Azumatei Jun / Furuya Man" TOKYO GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
2006. 6 "Seichu no Do" Osaka Nikon Salon, Osaka, Japan
2006. 2 "Seichu no Do" Shinjyuku Nikon Salon, Tokyo, Japan