Shinji Ohmaki Crystallization


Shinji OMAKI Solo Exhibition
2005/8/22(mon) - 9/9(fri)

Shinji OMAKI Solo Exhibition
Monday 22nd August - Friday 9th September 2005

Opening Party: 22nd August 2005, from 17:00

Following his participation in Tokyo Wonderwall 2000 (*1), Shinji Omaki is presenting a series of large-scale installations. With this exhibition, using both Tokyo Gallery and the Shiseido Gallery spaces, he is challenging us with two newly-enhanced version of his work Echo, which he presented at Tokyo Wondersite in 2002 and for which he received the Okamoto Taro Memorial Contemporary Art Prize in 2003.

Talking about this exhibition, Shinji Omaki said this: "I am interested in 'life' and rebirth.' The flower is the motif which expresses this best. The Echo series has been trodden on by old things, painted over and turned into a completely new installation. I want to express this 'life' and 'rebirth' with my colourful installation at the Shiseido Gallery and my colourless installation of silver mirrors at Tokyo Gallery."

In addition to this installation, we are also exhibiting new drawings and three-dimensional works. We hope you will enjoy your visit to Shinji Omaki's impressive world.

*1: This was a public exhibition of flat works sponsored by Tokyo Gallery. The works exhibited here are shown every year in the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art's "Tokyo Wonderwall Selected Works Exhibition."
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*2: Shinji Omaki's solo exhibition is being held at the same time as the Shiseido exhibition. For more information about the Shiseido exhibition, please contact Shiseido on: tel: 03-3289-2794, email:

[ Shinji OMAKI ]

Born in 1971. After completing his studies at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music, he has concentrated on producing his works, based in Japan. In September 2005, he is due to take part in "Contemporary Art Exchange 2006 - 2006," an event celebrating Japan-Germany cultural relations, which is being held at BankART in Yokohama and also in Aachen, Germany.

Selected Awards

Encouragement prize at Kirin Contemporary Award 1997
Prize at Tokyo Wonderwall.
The 5th ADSP (Art Documents Support Program by Shiseido)
Special Prize at "The 6th Taro Okamoto Memorial Award for Contemporary Art"