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Hiroto Kitagawa
Hiroto Kitagawa's solo show "Post New Type - Super Terracotta Sculptures" is being held at Eslite Gallery, Taipei.


Gyoko Yoshida
Gyoko Yoshida is participating in The National Art Center's "DOMANI 2009" Exhibition.
Gallery Talk sessions will also be held according to the artists during the exhibition period.


Tokyo gallery+BTAP is participating in "cutlog 2009" held at Paris.

Artists: Go Yayanagi, Shinjiro Okamoto, Shigeki Yoshida, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Showichi Kaneda, Gyoko Yoshida, Chiharu Nishizawa, Yohei Watanabe, and Dansyaku Miyazawa.


Shinji Ohmaki is paticipating in "Cross art II" being held at THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, GIFU.
And he is now open studio, "Crystallization" series at Multi-Purpose Hall.


Showichi Kaneda

25 Sep - 23 OCT
His solo exhibition "Plastic Model Of Landscapes" is being held at Galerie Frank Schlag & Cie. , Essen, Germany.


Song Dong

Song Dong is participating in ' Re-Imagining Asia ' , held at The New Art Gallery Walsall, London.


Shinji Ohmaki

"The ShContemporary 09 Best Young Artist Award" was presented to his work, "Echoes - Shanghai Road" exhibited at ShContemporary 09.


Shinji Ohmaki
Shinji Ohmaki solo exhibition " Zekkei" is being held at TWS Shibuya.
Click here for more information.
And also, he is participating in holding of an open symposium "Creative Dialogue and Commitment to the Environment" organized by TWS, as a panelist. Click here for more information.


News from Tokyo Gallery+BTAP


Gyoko Yoshida@ Nerima Art Museum (7.25-8.23)
"Kaiga-no,Atumi"(web site Japanese only) [Now Open]
Report of the exhibition is HERE

Shinji Ohmaki @ Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya (8.1-11.8)
"Zekkei -Vacuum Fluctuation" [Now Open]

Shinji Ohmaki @ Contemporary Art Museum (7.4-9.23)
"FLOWERS AND LANDSCAPE Claude Monet and Young Japanese Artists : Shinji Ohmaki, Mika Ninagawa, and Satoko Nachi" [Now Open]

Shinji Ohmaki "Memorial Rebirth"
Go to mobile phone site, -Memorial Rebirth Official Mobile-

-Go Yayanagi @ Meguro Museum Of Art (8.1-9.27)
"A Labyrinth of Lines - Japanese Prints from the 70s" [Now Open]


Oscar Oiwa @ Takamatsu City Museum of Art
"The Dreams of a Sleeping World" [Now Open]
Report of the exhibition is HERE

@ Niigata Water and Land Art Festival [Now Open]


-Song Dong @ MoMA (6.24- 9.7)
"Projects 90: Song Dong" Report of the exhibition is HERE

798 Beijing Biennale (8.15-9.12)

(other information)

Yohei Watanabe
His artwork is on a book cover of "Tenohira-take" , written by Yu Takada published by Futabasha .

-Go Yayanagi
His artwork is on new work of scarf of JUNKO KOSHINO. Report of fashion show is HERE


Gyoko Yoshida will be participating in Nerima Art Museum's "Kaiga no atsumi" exhibition from July 25th, 2009. Her 9 meters wide art piece will be installed on a side of the museum building. This latest work is the artist's largest scale of installation ever made. We hope that you will be able to have the chance to experience her latest work.The installation view is now on our blog site (sorry, only in Japanese).

Exhibition Title: "Kaiga no atsumi"
Venue: Nerima Art Museum
Date: 25 July (Sat) - 23 Aug (Sun)


Song Dong

Song Dong is participating in "On Site Lab Workshop - Series 4 Creative Dialogue and Commitment to the Environment" held at TWS aoyama.

- 7.24 (fri) 18:00 - 20:30
Participating in presentation of tutors

- 7.25(sat) 15:00 - 17:00


Shinji Ohmaki

Shinji Ohamki's artwork "Memorial Rebirth" is showcased at the "EXPO Y150", Association for 150th Anniversary of the Opening of the Port of Yokohama.
Venue : Hillside Area Mizu no Hiroba (Water Plaza)
Time : 11:00/15:00
duration : about 30 minutes


Shinji Ohmaki

Shinji Ohmaki is participating in 'FLOWERS AND LANDSCAPE' , held at Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto.


An interview of Shinji Ohmaki in on the book, "Art Volunteer Yokohma Style" published by Bijyutsu Shuppann-sha, Ltd.


Song Dong

Song Dong's artwork " Waste Not" is showcased at the exhibition "Projects 90: Song Dong" at MoMA (NY).
For more details, read here (Tokyo Gallery Staff Blog written in Japanese)


Tokyo Gallery+BTAP will participate inART FAIR TOKYO 2009.

Booth Number : E14
Artists: Hiroyuki Matsuura, Showichi Kaneda, Gyoko Yoshida, Shinji Ohmaki, Nozomi Kobayashi, Miyazawa Danshaku


Hiroyuki Matsuura

Hiroyuki Matsuura's "Windy Bunny Red / USE YOUR EARS" is now also available at the Roppongi Hills Art and Design Store. The figurine is based on one of Matsuura's characters which has appeared in paintings and has also been created into life-size (150 cm in height, FRP) sculptures in 2007. "USE YOUR EARS" - the tone of the copy printed on the belly of the bunny contrasts the cute appearance of the character, and the message straightforward. "Listen only to the truth" "Listen to your inner-voice" implies the artist's hope at a time when information overflows and overwhelms us. We hope you have a chance to stop by the shop after visiting the Mori Museum also located in Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.

Shop information :
Roppongi Hills Art and Design Store
Address : Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, West Walk 3F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Tel : 81-3-6406-6280


Tokyo Gallery+BTAP is participating in PULSE New York 2009.

Artists: Shigeki Yoshida, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Hiroto Kitagawa, Showichi Kaneda, Chiharu Nishizawa, Man Furuya, Nozomi Kobayashi, Danshaku Miyazawa


Jun Azumatei

Jun Azumatei is participating in "DOMAIN OF ART 2" , held at PLAZA NORTH GALLERY.
And the workshop "Cutting out the sky" will be held (21 February).
For more information, please ask PLAZA NORTH GALLERY.


Tokyo Gallery + BTAP will participate in ART@AGNES 2009.

Artists: Hiroyuki Matsuura, Shinji Ohmaki, Miki Taira, Danshaku Miyazawa