Exhibition Tokyo

Lee Jin Woo Black Forest
2017.3.4 (sat) - 4.15 (sat)

-Opening Reception 

2017.3.4 (sat)16:00-18:00

at Tokyo Gallery+BTAP | Tokyo

Tokyo Gallery + BTAP is pleased to present the work of Lee Jin Woo starting March 4.

Lee Jin Woo was born in Seoul, Korea, in 1959. After graduating from Sejong University in 1983, he went to France in 1986 and attended the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he is currently based.

While studying in Paris, Lee witnessed the volcanic eruption in Stromboli, Italy, which left a strong impression on him. He brought back the volcanic ash home with him, and utilized it as a motif in his work. By placing hanji (Korean paper) on top of the charcoal, and hitting it with an iron brush—then repeating this process for many layers—Lee creates monochromatic surfaces that have unique textures. The artist describes this process as a way to express “something” within himself without the intervention of his “mind” or his “brain.” Repetition of intense labor seemed necessary to prevent the interference of preconceptions and running thoughts.
Lee’s work aligns with the values of “repetition,” “training,” and “spirituality,” seen in Korean Dansaekhwa painting, which is now gaining recognition in the international art market.

Last year, the Musée Cernuschi acquired Lee’s work for its collection, and major French publishing company Actes Sud published a catalog of his paintings. After Lee Ufan, he is the second East Asian artist whose catalog was published by Actes Sud, and we look forward to celebrating his future achievements in light of this renewed excitement.

The opening reception is scheduled from 4pm to 6pm on March 4th with the artist in attendance.