Exhibition Tokyo

TrinhBuscher Solo Exhibition “Universal State of Mind"
2013.4.13 (Sat) - 5.18 (Sat)

※We are sorry to announce that the talk event, which was scheduled on April 13th, has been cancelled. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. The opening reception will be held as scheduled with the presence of the artist.

- Reception:
2013.4.13 (Sat) 16:00-18:00
at Tokyo Gallery +BTAP | Tokyo

Opening on April 13th, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Tokyo) is pleased to announce “Universal State of Mind”, a solo exhibition dedicated to TrinhBuscher.

TrinhBuscher is an artistic duo comprising Vietnamese-born, Australian-raised artist Chauntelle Trinh and German-born artist Eckard Buscher. After studying design and architecture at university the two founded the collective in 2006. Subsequently, they have been working together on projects that fuse architecture, design and art. In 2011, Trinh & Buscher held a group exhibition entitled “Projection of Site/Sight” with a Japanese artist Shinichi Kaneko at Tokyo Gallery+BTAP in Beijing. The show earned favorable reviews and led the collaborative duo to hold their first solo show in Japan. This exhibition features works from the “Urban Topography Collection” (2008) as wells as six most recent works that will be presented for the first time to the public.

The “Urban Topography Collection” is a series of exquisitely detailed two-dimensional stainless steel city structure made by using an elaborate etching technique that renders aerial views of the world’s largest metropolitan areas within a 3x3km framework. TrinhBuscher paid actual visits to multiple cities, spending up to two weeks in each site to record the urban landscape. Using this detailed information as basis, the urban patterns that govern the lives of the local people and their spatial configurations are extracted to create two-dimensional representations from the perspective of an observer.

TrinhBuscher's works reflect their interest in exploring how people's authentic experience is formed and structured through the urban life in our contemporary time when individual's identity formation is heavily affected by advertising, marketing and mass-consumption. "Universal State of Mind" is constituted by series of works such as “Sneaker”, sneakers fastened at the sole with brass plate carved with a city pattern; “Tokyo Board”, milled wooden skateboard deck. Each works reflect the artists inquires into our society by projecting, with certain irony, human psychology and inner spirit onto the fetish products and materials manufactured by the globalized consumer society.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our gallery.