Exhibition Beijing

Zeng Jian yong "The Chronicle"
2016.7.30 (sat) - 9.10 (sat)

The opening ceremony for the solo-exhibit entitled The Chronicle will be held at Tokyo Gallery +BTAP on July 30th, 2016.

Zeng Jianyong is both a well-known contemporary artist and a representative figure of the new Chinese ink wash (shuimo) art movement that has sprung up in recent years. However, this exhibition goes well beyond the medium that is ink wash painting and its reflective methods, given its aim to present a more three-dimensional, comprehensive showcase of Ceng Jianyong's spiritual world, along with his thoughts on the future of art. The exhibited works not only include murals that boast features of new ink wash painting: more importantly, as of late the artist has expanded his scope to include three-dimensional works involving organic matter, ready-made installations and other works of a comprehensive nature, in his attempt to respond to the limitations of ink wash painting and embark on a new exploration regarding the development of contemporary art.

The theme Annals organically unfurls with the help of three visual acts, i.e. "The Great Deluge", "Revelation" and "Paradise Regained", all of which are instrumental in presenting the artist's individual understanding of mankind's social history as well as its spiritual pursuits. Hence, linear time got ruptured, causing complex and contradictory narrations to become highlighted.

This exhibition lasts from July 30th until September 10th, 2016. The opening will take place at 4:00PM on July 30th. We wholeheartedly look forward to your attendance!