Exhibition Beijing

Wei Jiujie: Spirit Eternal
2019.11.11(mon) - 11.30(sat)

Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Beijing) will host a solo exhibition of artist Wang Shuye, entitled “Spirit Eternal”. This exhibition showcases the assembled artworks made by the artist in recent years.
Wei Jiujie, born in Chong Qing at 1984. Graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Acedemy. Now living and working in Beijing.
Japanese culture and art are heavily influenced by China. With the rise of Japanese art since modern times, countless Chinese painters went eastward to study abroad in Japan. Over the last 30 years, frequent exchanges have taken place between Chinese and Japanese art. In the process, the upsurge of Japanese new ‘ink wash painting’ (shuǐmò) influenced the creative goings-on of a great deal of Chinese artists, causing a large number of profoundly significant artworks to spring up. Wei Jiujie is one of the artists who drew a great deal of nourishment from Japanese painting. The mood of loneliness, vexation and entrapment apparent in his paintings tugs directly at the heartstrings, in much the same way that Picasso’s blue period paintings did. A keenness of vision can be enabled in even the most listless of spectators as they stand in front of Wei Jiujie’s works, because his art possesses ineffable guiding qualities, which is to say his works are endowed with an artistic sagacity. Although I know that in these works Wei Jiujie has far from reached the apex of his superb artistry, I’m firmly convinced there’s ample room left for the artist’s further development, making his future artistic accomplishments worth the wait.
The exhibition opening will take place on Nov 16, 2019 at 16:00. The exhibition will last from Nov 11 until Nov 30, 2019. Tokyo Gallery + BTAP looks forward to your attendance!