Exhibition Beijing

Wang Shuye: Not Yet a Thing, Not Yet Defined - A Non-Disparate Visual Method of Expressing a "Naked View of Space-Time"
2019.9.21(sat) - 10.31(sat)

Tokyo Gallery +BTAP (Beijing) will host a solo exhibition of artist Wang Shuye, entitled Not Yet a Thing, Not Yet Defined- A Non-Disparate Visual Method of Expressinga "Naked View of Space-Time".This exhibition showcases the assembled artworks made by the artist in recent years.

Wang Shuye was born in 1963 in Qiqiha'er, Heilongjiang Province. In 1989 he graduated from the Central Institute of Arts and Crafts (currently: Central Academy of Fine Arts at Tsinghua University). After his move to Japan in 1990, the artist went for ten years straight without releasing any new work. Intent on exploring religious and spiritual thought and profoundly investigating visual art's methods of expression, the artist spent this period of time studying in silence and researching in solitude. This period saw the formation of the following essential content: a view of art was established that propounded art's return to the ideal spiritual realm of making pottery and smelting metal; a non-disparate visual method was formed that deliberately breaks through the visual inertia of distinguishing objects; hereby the concept of "naked space-time" was put forward (i.e. discarding the cloak of disparity by which man uses his differentiating consciousness to demarcate space-time, and instead attending to the naked, non-disparate truth of the spatio-temporal world); a unique pictorial expression was created with which to present the visual method of "naked space-time" (i.e. using oscillating and intersecting brush-strokes to dissolve the differentiation of objective, substantiated silhouettes). The above-outlined view of art that takes into account mental cultivation, a revolutionary visual approach that challenges existing visual inertia, world views and ideas concerning time-space, as well as innovated modes of visual expression that liberate realistic painting from the plastic idea of depicting objects: all of these have formed into a consistent body of content that - since its conception - has kept on increasing in depth and has been repeatedly implemented in the artist's ongoing creations.

In the depths of the world as we see it, lies a truth shrouded over by our customarily differentiating gaze, not unlike the light of day which hides the vast starry expanse from view. It is the world’s primordial eternity and serenity, which can only be seen by subduing our mentality of distinguishing things. In order to fully grasp this alternative truth which exists in the background, we must adopt a world view and viewing pattern which are radically different to the ones we’re used to. Adhering to this particular world view and viewing pattern involves stripping away artificial appendages to be able to see reality, which I’ve dubbed ‘naked viewing of space-time’. It involves doing away with the inertia of using subjective standpoints geared towards a ‘targeted’, ‘objectifying’ understanding of our external reality. I call this the ‘non-cognitive gaze’. Lastly, it involves surmounting relative distinctions and perceiving the absolute, ultimate totality of existence, which I call ‘non-discriminating viewing’. When adopting this ‘naked’ way of viewing, having lifted the veil of differentiating cognition, what’s left is ‘pure vision’ unhindered by any artificial cognition whatsoever. Such vision lays bare the primal realm of ‘pre-cognition’ and ‘pre-knowledge’, where things are not yet things, and borders are not yet defined.