Exhibition Beijing

Lin Yusi Fireworks and Ashes
2018.7.7 (sat) - 9.1 (sat)

From July 7, 2018, Tokyo Gallery +BTAP is pleased to host the solo exhibition by artist Lin Yusi, entitled Firework and Ashes. This exhibition is the artist’s first solo show in Beijing to date.

Lin Yusi’s research on Chinese flower-and-bird paintings during his college years has made him well-versed in the painterly depiction of fish, insects, birds and other creatures. As a result, the main visual imagery in his works is often made up of exquisite characters as well as birds and beasts. Moreover, the artist manages to perfectly combine fine & elaborate (gongbi) brushwork with a more freehand (xieyi) approach. He makes use of subtle, tactful, highly individualized perspectives to evoke an all-encompassing mood and artistic conception.

Central to Lin Yusi’s research practice in his artistic endeavors, is the question of how to combine the brushwork techniques and aesthetic principles of traditional Chinese painting with Western art approaches. In his oeuvre, the artist attempts to escape the constraints of tradition. The spectator will be hard-pressed to discover any obvious appropriation of traditional techniques. Through his countless attempts, the artist explores his own painting method, thus allowing traditional painting to reveal itself to the spectator in more unassuming ways. What’s more, Lin Yusi’s ardent love for film and music and multi-faceted artistic cultivation allow him to acutely grasp and bring to fruition his depiction of countless details. The subtle sensibilities in the works are offset by expansive moods: oftentimes, these contrasts cause the spectator to experience a sense of humor and theatricality.

Showcased in this solo exhibition are over ten paintings completed by Lin Yusi throughout this year. Firework and Ashes, the artist’s most recent series of works, implies that worldly creations are more about the process itself rather than the outcome. In the words of the artist: “Just like with fireworks, shattered objects are like flashes in the pan: after their destruction, they turn into ashes, but that one brief instant saw all of their force exerted...”

Lin Yusi was born in Huilai County, Guangdong Province in 1978. He graduated in 1998 from the high school affiliated with the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. In 2002, he graduated from the Department of Chinese Painting at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts with a major in traditional Chinese painting. In 2006, he obtained his Master’s degree in that same major from the Department of Chinese Painting at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He’s currently a member of the China Artists Association, a fellow painter of the Guangdong Youth Painting Academy as well as a distinguished painter of the Guangzhou Painting Academy.

The opening reception of this exhibition will take place at 4:00 on July 7, 2018. You are cordially invited to attend the exhibition, which will be on show through September 1, 2018.