Exhibition Beijing

Zhu Lan - Spanning
2018.3.1 (sat) - 4.28 (sat)

Zhu Lan 「Spanning」
Mar 1 (Thu) –Apr 28 (Sat), 2018
Tokyo Gallery + BTAP

From March 1 through April 28, Tokyo Gallery +BTAP will host Zhu Lan’s solo exhibition, entitled Spanning.

Concealed within the complexity of Zhu Lan’s work, which emerges through rich and alternating lines, lies a lucidity and freedom, hovering over chaos. Throughout her two-decade-long period of abstract ink wash painting practice and reflection, the artist has developed a unique method of expression. In her own words: “Due to its measureless, non-defined state, an abstract work can operate on a superficial as well as a profound level, generating either slight or considerable resonance, depending on the differing circumstances in which it is situated, the differing angles from which it is seen, as well as the conditions related to ‘the here and now’. Field of vision and breadth of mind count for much in the work, but they aren’t all that matters. Only after tacit integration within painstaking work and expertise, can an abstract work reveal its profundity.”

This exhibition will showcase over 20 of Zhu Lan’s newest ink wash paintings. The artist extracts and isolates the “line-work” of Chinese ink wash painting, as she traipses over handmade rice paper using traditional brushwork techniques. The end result, despite resembling random scribbling, is suffused with restraint and resistance. Zhu Lan’s paintings cannot be categorized as simply abstract. They reveal a non-objective profundity which greatly transcends the works themselves. They’re embedded in an elaborate artistic lexicon of intense, fecund imagination and innate sensorial qualities. The works on display break through the perfunctory explorations of point, line and surface structures which prevail in so-called abstract art. Through her process of constant subtraction, the artist gives shape to her very own painting language. She meticulously harnesses the direction of the lines, striving to eliminate the interference of “beauty”, which over decades’ time has become so deeply entrenched. In doing so, she giving profound expression to her exploration of the world and her reflections on life.

Zhu Lan was born in 1962 in Beijing to a family of artists. From 1979 to 1983, she completed her BFA degree in traditional Chinese painting at the Fine Art Department of the People's Liberation Army Academy of Arts. From 1988 to 1990, she completed a MFA degree in Italian fresco painting at the Kyoto City University of Arts. Currently, she’s a professional painter, based in Beijing and Canada. Her works have been included in the collections of such institutions as the University of Washington (US), North Western Electric (US), General Electric England, Charlottetown Confederation Centre of The Arts (Canada), Truman State University (US), Vienna CW Bank (Austria), Bank of France, the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) and the Guangdong Museum of Art.

The exhibition opening will be held on March 17, 2018 at 3PM. We look forward to your attendance!

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