Exhibition Beijing

ZHANG TIANJUN - Meandering Pathway
2017.12.16(sat) - 2018.2.6(thu)

Tokyo Gallery +BTAP (Beijing) is proud to host the upcoming solo exhibition by artist Zhang Tianjun from December 16, 2017 until February 6, 2018.

Ever since he was a student, Zhang Tianjun has been exploring his own distinctive painting techniques. The starting point of his paintings is a mechanism not unlike the effect of ink rubbing, layered onto his canvases. Within the abstraction of this underlying structure, details in the landscapes are constantly refined: mountains, rocks, clouds, trees are gradually brought to completion as the artist lets nature take its course. The details in Zhang Tianjun’s creations are superimposed in complex ways. Seen from a distance, mountain ranges and water descending from clouds meander ever so smoothly. “That which one is accustomed to seeing and hearing, one should absorb into one’s heart, and apply in one’s actions.”

This solo exhibition will showcase more than 20 of Zhang Tianjun’s most recent creations. Despite being imbued with the allure of traditional Song Dynasty landscapes, these oil paintings set themselves apart as bold, contemporary undertakings. Bluish violet hues lie at the base of Zhang Tianjun’s color scheme, giving his canvases an enigmatic yet restrained aura. In terms of tonality, his landscapes have indeed veered away from the mood of their ancient counterparts. They faintly intimate something to the viewer while revealing a certain eccentricity, albeit within reason. A sober tension seeps from these works, which teeter on the cusp of the concealed and the conspicuous.

Zhang Tianjun was born in Shanghai in 1986. In 2005, the artist graduated from the China Academy of Art. His works have been included in the collections of the China Academy of Art Museum (Hangzhou), the Duolun Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai) and Poly Gallery Hong Kong.