Exhibition Beijing

Nameless But Wonderful —The Changing Focus of SOLA's Music
2017.9.9(sat) - 2017.10.14(sat)

Tokyo Gallery +BTAP (Beijing) will host Liu Sola’s solo exhibition Nameless But Wonderful—The Changing Focus of SOLA's Music from 9 Sep until 14 Oct, 2017.

The musical notation sheets showcased in this exhibition are all original copies of manuscripts and complete scores of Liu Suola’s music. This exhibition’s purpose is to give people the opportunity to appreciate Liu Suola’s music from a different angle, letting us experience and understand her music anew. As she said "I use concrete space to draw out abstract sound, the better to represent the times I live in." “It is like to put the sea into bottle,not throw the stone into the sea.” Like the invisible layers of cities formed by modern civilization, Liu Suola builds cities with the notes of her musical scores.

The video on display shows this pioneering spirit and original artistic style as a musician. In it, we hear and see how she uses improvisation to activate and expand sound, demonstrating her grasp of its ever-changing and unpredictable magic, whilst surpassing the standard of conservatory music. In doing so, Liu embodies both the unscrupulous ways of ancient singers and that of contemporary artists’ aesthetic views on innovation.