Exhibition Beijing

Tian Wei "Between Motion and Stagnation"
2017.6.10(tue) - 2017.7.15(tue)

Tokyo Gallery+BTAP in Beijing is pleased to announce that our gallery is opening Tian Wei’s solo exhibition Between Motion and Stagnation on 10 June.

Most of Tian Wei’s works are composed of very pure elements: vertical (i.e. perpendicular) and horizontal (i.e. level). Vertical and horizontal are the basic elements of this world, on which mankind relies for its survival. Without fail, the buildings we live in and the vessels we use are composed of the vertical and the horizontal. Vertical is the direction of gravity, representing motion. Horizontal is the vast expanse of the world, representing motionlessness. Between motion and rest lies the rise and decline of all things, the alternating cycle of rebirth, which is the way of nature.
Another trait in the works of Tian Wei is the expressivity of ink. The shading of ink can’t be expressed using oil paint or acrylic paint. Over time, the layered application of ink-wash gives the rice paper a profound and mystical force, situated somewhere between the controllable and the uncontrollable. This is a manifestation of the Asian conception of nature.

Tian Wei inspires the permeability and absorptivity for ink to maximum by fully tapping the high absorptiveness of Chinese art paper.He also highlights the with light located in the center with layers of ink ,giving out tranquil and cold white light .