Exhibition Beijing

Neo Mōrōism (4th)
2016.11.5 (sat) - 12.15 (thu)

Tokyo Gallery +BTAP is pleased to announce the 4th installment of Neo-Mōrōism, held from November 5 until December 15 this year.

Xia Kejun

"Neo-Mōrōism" attempts to integrate the unique experience of East Asian modernity. In this process, new artistic possibilities are hewn out, which might lead to principle-based contributions concerning aesthetic theory. "Neo-Mōrōism" attempts to integrally usher Chinese culture and East Asian culture into its reiteration of modernity, to once again return to the starting point of Impressionism, and once again unlock nature's profundity, allowing nature to reflect upon our bodies, thus activating the natural qualities of nature, natural qualities that possess more inner depth, i.e. a divine emptiness rather than an external divine worship. This is a divinity that holds humanity's internal potential in high esteem. It has excavated a blank or void attitude to life proper to Far Eastern culture. It has unlocked a divine non-dimensionality, and activated this non-dimensional spirit. This spirit is far from a deity. Instead, this spirit is prone to growth, whereas Western contemporary art is generally overly theatrical, with its excessive desire for revolution. This calls for a balance of intrinsic natural qualities, which undergo imperceptible influences. Hereby, the relation between man and nature, as well as the relation between man and divinity is reestablished. Converging in this exhibit are the works of contemporary artists representative of Far Eastern modern aesthetics. They present a visual exploration, in which Chinese, Japanese and Korean artists arouse/invoke the potential that stems from the individual as well as from culture itself. In doing so, they've made a contribution in the form of a highly individualized artistic language. Between these respective artists, an internal dialogue exists which gives way to the creation of a hazy, enchanting visual field and spiritual vibe.

Kim Boggi

The Korean artists showcased in this exhibit of Neo-Moroism all use "dim (trance-like) and vague" obscurantist attitudes and stances, as they reveal contemporary variations on hazy states/substances. Their works are inquiries about how to grasp the world's visual modalities, its boundedness and latent potential.
Some of the artists treat plexiglass as a support, whereupon they attach multiple layers, thereby giving birth to (or: expressing?) landscapes whose colors seem rendered by gases and wavelengths of light. These works constitute "constructed or installation" paintings. Other artists make use of the repetitive process of sedimentation and drying of pigments and water, so as to concoct an abstract "light that breathes". These are works that have been crafted by the gravity of time and atmospheric phenomena. They show us the momentary frame of a memory that's become inert, and emanate a fluid vitality.
These artists have come up with a feeling that transcends "the gaze", a sense of communication between the depicted object and the artwork. They search for subtle differences that come oozing out of the faint boundary we call the "gap" or "the space between". To borrow one of Duchamp's expressions, this can be called a sense of Inframince.

We look forward to having the honor of your attendance and participation in this exhibit!