Exhibition Beijing

Li Sa, Yu Yang, Kong Yan "Doomed"
2016.9.24 (sat) - 10.22 (sat)

On September 24th, Tokyo Gallery +BTAP will host the opening of Doomed, an exhibit by art collective COLDINK.

COLDINK is a renowned Chinese avant-garde art collective founded by a handful of graduates from the traditional Chinese painting department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). COLDINK art collective builds forth on the stern modes of social criticism and academic reflection set forth by the various thought schools that materialized from 1985 onwards. They represent a youthful force, an indispensable breath of fresh air amid the excessive marketization of Chinese contemporary art.

The exhibit's title comes from the artists' reflection regarding the future of humanity. What course are "human" lives and human ethics to take, now that artificial intelligence is capable of triumphing over humanity, the monopoly on technological innovation is in the hands of an elite minority, most people's lives are being monitored by ubiquitous CCTV cameras and every single person has their own online "clone"?

COLDINK provides a direct and assertive answer to this question, owing to their deviation from the common, alternating Chinese theories of "Doctrine of the Mean" (zhongyong) and "Duality in Nature" (yinyang).

Li Sa constructs an enormous matrix out of a decrepit rebar structure to simulate the stinging pain people inevitably go through at a time of impending doom. Yu Yang records how rice papers of varying texture are ripped apart by external forces. In doing so, the artist articulates how fragile life is when subjected to forceful intrusion, and how a homogenous group of seeming "individuals" shares a doomed fate. Kong Yan uses the symbol of the fish fin to evoke an image of the human body on the brink of death at the fiery stake of doom.

Doomed is the second installment of a threefold exhibition series by COLDINK art collective held at Tokyo Gallery +BTAP. The first installment - entitled Coming Out: A Rite of Exorcism - showed the artists articulating their defiance of the failure of Chinese traditional agricultural thought within a global industrial context. In this exhibit, following the thread of the previous exhibit, the artists shift their focus to the common fate of humanity as a whole amid the globally prevailing technological tides.

The exhibit will last from September 24th until October 22nd. The closing will take place on Oct 22th at 3PM. We look forward to your attendance!

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