Exhibition Beijing

Hu Junjun's solo exhibition "Living with Impermanence"
2015.3.18(Wed) - 4.17(Fri)

On March 18th 2015 Tokyo Gallery+BTAP will be holding an exhibition of works by Hu Junjun, Living with Impermanence. On display will be ten out of a collection of twenty four pieces each named after one of China’s imperial dynasties. The exhibition will close on April 17th.
Living with Impermanence points to Hu’s strong Buddhist background. Her work is highly conceptual; the pieces on display at this exhibition are from photographs taken by the artist in her normal life. Apart from the grid structure base, the images have not been edited or embellished in any way.
Hu’s works in Living with Impermanence are based on a foundation of countless green squares. These monochrome grids represent the Zen meditation process to Hu Junjun; they are not composed of broad, sweeping strokes, but of intricate, finely drawn lines. The pictures seem calm, but underneath this exterior lies an unbridled vitality. The serene, mysterious grids create a contrast to the branches, partially drawn with traditional techniques. The criss-cross pattern, the abrupt contrast formed, and the subtle interaction between the branches, focus the attention of the viewer.
Hu’s simple approach is a departure from the impression traditionally created in landscape painting. Viewers of his work experience a kind of mental freedom that stems from an equality of all things. Hu’s steady but powerful evocation of the natural world indicates her Zen discipline and tolerance.