大岩オスカール/Oscar Oiwa

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Oiwa is a second-generation Japanese Brazilian born in 1965 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He became familiar with manga comics from an early age, and slowly began making work during his junior high and high school days. While still enrolled at university, he started exhibiting his work at several exhibitions, launching his career as a contemporary artist in Brazil. After graduating from the department of architecture at the University of Sao Paolo in 1989, and seeking to widen the scope of his practice as an artist, Oiwa shifted his base first to Tokyo (1991-2001), and then to New York (2002-). By drawing on his own life experiences in each city and confronting its urban environment and history, Oiwa interweaves a sense of humor entirely his own with his understanding of the world in his work.

Solo Exhibition " A Light-filled Ginza" (2018 | Beijing)
Solo Exhibition "Asian Kitchen" (2009 | Beijing)