渡邊陽平/Yohei Watanabe


Watanabe Yohei was born in Nagano prefecture in 1976. Obtaining his master’s degree in education from the University of Toyama in 2002, Watanabe went on to exhibit works both in Japan and overseas. Watanabe’s 2007 solo exhibition, Weaving a Moment, was featured by Tokyo Gallery+BTAP in 2007, and in 2009 works by Watanabe were selected for inclusion in the VOCA (Vision of Contemporary Art) 2009 exhibition held at the Ueno Royal Museum. Watanabe makes use of early-modern and modern media such as acrylic, oil, and coloured pencils, layered one on top of another. The scenes and people depicted reflect the artist’s world view and perception of the human condition, and show us the metamorphoses undergone by people in the modern day.