荒木省三/Shozo Araki


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Shozo Araki was born in 1973 in Chiba Prefecture. He graduated from the Acoustic Polytechnic, Sound Engineering Department of Toho Gakuen in 1993. Without receiving any formal art education, Araki started to paint from the mid-1990s. From 2003 to 2006 Araki actively presented his works at GEISAI. In GEISAI6, he was awarded the “Hervé Chandés Award” by Mr. Hervé Chandés, the director of Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art. Araki has been participating in various art exhibitions and art fairs both domestically and internationally.
Shozo Araki’s paintings have a strong graphic element to them. The human figures that appear in these works evoke manga and anime characters, and the look and feel of Japanese popular culture. Yet the artist is not just transcribing a variety of images that circulate within contemporary society onto his canvas. Rather, Araki attempts to express the inner worlds of those who live among these images, including him and others.

Solo Exhibition "Proof of Existence: 1/6,900,000,000"(2012 | Tokyo)