北浦凡子/Namiko Kitaura


Namiko Kitaura Website
Namiko Kitaura was born in 1977 in Tokyo, Japan. Since participating in FABRICA, an artist-in-residence program in Italy sponsored by Benetton, she has been working as a freelance photographer based between Japan, Italy, the UK and France.    
The flowers depicted in Kitaura’s photos have been manipulated in ways that leave the trace of her touch intact. She uses a wide variety of methods to process her subjects: threading petals together and letting them hang, frying flowers in hot oil, or soaking them in detergent and washing them until they become distorted and misshapen. Kitaura calls these processes “incidents”. She captures even the most minute wrinkles on the surface of these petals and the fragility of flowers torn apart by tension, portraying the various transformations that they undergo. Kitaura’s subjects have a certain sensuousness about them that causes a restless sense of disquiet to settle over the entire surface of her work.