栗原一成/Issei Kurihara


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Issei Kurihara was born in 1967 in the city of Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. Since completing graduate-level research at Tama Art University in 1995, he has shown his paintings and installations at numerous solo shows and group exhibitions. In addition to his own artwork, Kurihara continues to maintain a diverse practice – he established the art space Gallery Stump in Kamakura in 2005, as well as Alternative Space Gel, featuring interiors that he designed himself, in 2011. In addition, he is currently a full-time oil painting instructor in the department of painting at Tama Art University.

Kurihara’s paintings do not have a clear center of focus: instead, a whole panoply of images wander across the surface of his canvas. Rendered in vivid colors, the subjects of these multiple images cannot be easily identified at first glance – are they human, animal, plant, or simply an assortment of shapes and figures? Lacking clearly defined outlines, these ambiguous images seem to embody a number of equivocal meanings.

Solo Exhibition "Is this rain just water?"(2011 | Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition "Blindsight"(2008 | Tokyo)