杉山功/Isao Sugiyama

After graduating from the sculpture department at Tokyo Zokei University in 1977, Sugiyama joined the university's research department. In 1983, he completed his advanced degree and moved to Italy, where he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts, Carrara. After graduation, Sugiyama remained in Italy, living and working in Milan and Carrara while holding solo exhibitions of his work mainly in Europe and participating in various group shows and art fairs around the world.
Sugiyama's sculptures are constructed out of marble and wood. They feature house-like forms set against a backdrop of nature made out of raw, unprocessed marble that suggest the trappings and workings of civilization. The contrast between the wooden house that will soon rot away and disappear and the rocky outcrop exposed to a slow, gradual process of erosion are metaphors that evoke the different temporal rhythms that play out in nature and civilization. Gazing down upon the landscapes depicted in these works, the artist - or the viewer - experiences something akin to a religious vision that attempts to see the world in its totality.

Solo Exhibition "SANTUARIO" (2014 | Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition "SANTUARIO" (2010 | Tokyo)