松浦浩之/Hiroyuki Matsuura


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Hiroyuki Matsuura was born in Tokyo in 1964. He joined Task Force Ltd. in 1984, where he worked mainly on graphic design projects, before starting to create his own works based on animated Japanese cartoon characters in 1999. His solo exhibition "Super Acrylic Skin" held at Tokyo Gallery in 2005 marked his career shift to being an artist. Since then, Matsuura has been expanding his practice to work in a variety of formats - painting, sculpture and prints - both in Japan and abroad. An artist whose international reputation has been growing year by year, Matsuura was most recently invited to hold solo exhibitions at Eslite Gallery in Taiwan in 2008 and 2009, as well as Tokyo Gallery + BTAP in Beijing in 2009.

Solo Exhibition "Super Acrylic Skin - Trigonal Clone" (2015 | Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition "Super Acrylic Skin - Sweet Addiction" (2010 | Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition "SUPER ACRYLIC SKIN PHOTON Imaginary Temperature" (2010 | Beijing)
Solo Exhibition "SUPER ACRYLIC SKIN" (2005 | Tokyo)