宮澤男爵/Danshaku Miyazawa

Danshaku Miyazawa’s work was selected for inclusion in the “Tokyo Wonder Wall 2004” open call exhibition organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2004. He has held both a two-person exhibition together with Nozomi Kobayashi (2008) as well as a one-man show (2010) at Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Tokyo), in addition to participating in numerous art fairs. Miyazawa uses countless fine lines and circles with a pencil, as well as blots of water-color to depict human figures with ambiguous, undefined forms. These images are not fixed to the pictorial surface, giving viewers the impression of constant flux and movement – just like the respiratory “comings and goings” of living beings. Miyazawa’s paintings are metaphors for the fickle, transient and uncertain moods of the contemporary human condition.

Solo Exhibition "Metathesis" (2015 | Tokyo)
Solo Exhibition "comings and goings" (2011 | Beijing)
Solo Exhibition "In mid air" (2010 | Tokyo)
Danshaku Miyazawa & Nozomi Kobayashi "comings and goings (2008 | Tokyo)