張小涛/Zhang Xiaotao


Zhang Xiaotao is a Chinese artist who lives in Beijing. One of the defining characteristics of Zhang’s work is the sureness of his technique. Another is the depth of meaning in his subject matter. His subjects may be condoms or depictions of frogs engaged in copulation, or the image of a dead rat in the city. There is the rapidly spreading AIDS problem≠sexual problems. There is the problem of the widening gap between rich and poor. Zhang tackles the taboos of Chinese society with a touch that is never indecent and always containing a sense of humor. For the current show the artist has painted subjects that include rotten strawberries and ants swarming around the body of a dead fly depicted in ways that start in humor and turn to a highly stimulating form of expression that imparts impressive power to the works.

1970 Born in Hechuan, Sichuan Province, China
1996 Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Fine Arts Institute
Teach in the Southwest Jiaotong University, live and work in Beijing and Chengdu

Exibitions (selected)
2004 Dream Factory Rubbish Heap, Beijing Tokyo Art Projects, Beijing, China
2003 Materialistic Decay, Gallery Akie Aricchi Art Contemporary, Paris, France
2002 Desire, Muenster kunstakademie, Germany
2001 Flowers in the dream, Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2001 Enlarged Prop, Xindong Cheng’s studio for international Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
2000 Joyful Time, Gallery Akie Aricchi Art Contemprary, Paris, France
2000 Fabricated Images, Pacific Bridge Gallery, Oaklands, U.S.A
2000 Joyful Time, Gallery Hartmann, Munich, Germany

1970 中国、四川省、合川生まれ
1996 四川美術学院油絵科卒業、西南交通大学美術科にて鞭をとる。現在、北京と成都にて生活、活動。

2004 「Dream Factory Rubbish Heap」<北京東京芸術工程、北京、中国>
2003 「Materialistic Decay」<Akie Aricchi 現代美術ギャラリー、パリ、フランス>
2002 「欲望」 <Muenster kunstakademie、ドイツ>
2001 「Flowers in the dream」 <東京画廊、東京、日本>
2001 「拡大された道具」 程昕東国際当代芸術スタジオ <北京、中国>
2000 「愉しい時間」 <Akie Aricchi 現代美術ギャラリー、パリ、フランス>
2000 「虚構の映像」 <Pacific Bridge ギャラリー、 オークランド、米国>
2000 「愉しい時間」 <Hartmannギャラリー、ミュンヘン、ドイツ>