孫芙蓉/Sun Furong


1961 Born in Hebei Province, China
1980 Learns painting from her teacher LiujinDong
1984 Takes part of the [Hebei Art exhibition], Hebei
1987 [China Art Magazine] publishes her works
1988 Selected for [The 2nd China sports art exhibition], winner of the third prize
1989 Takes part of [CangShu Piao] exhibition, Japan
2002 Starts to live and work as an artist in Beijing

1961 中国、河北省生まれ
1980 鄭今東氏に師事
1984 河北省美展 <河北>
1987 「中国美術報」に作品発表
1988 第二回全国体育美展にて三位受賞
1989 蔵書票展 <日本>
2002 北京にて生活、アーティスト活動を開始