曾健勇/Zeng Jianyong

Born in Guangdong province of China in 1971, Zeng Jiang yong majored in Chinese painting during his colleague studies and proceeded to study prints at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. Zeng is currently based in Beijing.
Since his incipient period as a college student, Zeng Jiang yong was a known as a voracious learner and practitioner on broad range of art practices and techniques, including oil painting, both Chinese and non-Chinese prints, which led him to absorb and contemplate on both Eastern and Western aesthetics and methodology. Zeng’s works, many of which use children and animals as their motifs, depict a colourful fairy-tale world that can be thought as unconventional in the realm of traditional Chinese ink-wash painting. His intricate, light, and calm paintings are filled with delicate and lively expression, and explore new possibilities in the medium of modern ink-wash, while attempting to reflect the relationship between society and the self through his works.