何雲昌/He Yunchang


1967 Born in Yunnan, China
1991 Graduated from Yunnan Art Institute in Oil painting

Exhibitions (selected)
2003 Sharjah Biennale, The United Arab Emirates
2002 Pusan Biennale, Pusan, South Korea
Chinese modernity, San Paulo FAAP, San Paulo, Brazil
Chinese Contemporary Art Award
2001 The 1rst Chengdu biennnle, Chengdu Museum of modern art, China
Deslocation, Chambers Fine arts, New York, NY, USA
2000 Overseas Touring show of China's Ninth National Exhibition of Fine arts, touring to Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan and Korea
Chinese oil paintings of the 20th century,Beijing Fuck off, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, China
1999 Transparency and Non-Transparency, Italy,France, Belgium
Copper Award, the 9th Chinese National Art Exhibition(Oil painting), China

1967 中国、雲南省生まれ
1991 雲南芸術学院油絵科卒業

2003 Sharjahビエンナーレ <アラブ首長国連邦>
2002 釜山ビエンナーレ <釜山、韓国>
「中国現代」<サンパウロ FAAP、サンパウロ、ブラジル>
2001 第一回成都ビエンナーレ